Central Kansas Prison Ministry is an organization for the purpose of

training Christian volunteers to work in area Kansas Correctional

Facilities and County Jails .

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Chariot of Fire motorcycle trike, driven by Lynn & Karen McBride for Bill Glass Weekend of Champion prison events.

(click) 30 Minute study

60 minute studies have been taken off line.

"Inside Walls" a Bible Video Studies series that is especially designed for jail and prison ministry.

Weekly DVD Bible studies are produced for correctional facilities, jails and prisons, to be run on "in-house systems."

The same videos can be viewed on television.

October 2015 — Central Kansas Prison Ministry Newsletter

Five Principles to Prevent Violence

By Lynn Everett McBride Executive Director Central Kansas Prison Ministry

#1 — Respect other people and their property.

#2 — Restore the family.

#3 — Work with those in authority.

#4 — Learn the job skills of dress, behavior and communication.

#5 —Become a survivor leader.

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Spiritual Life Center Chapel, at the El Dorado, Kansas, Correctional Facility

CLICK on picture to see the inside of the chapel

This Chapel is 11,500 sq. ft. - Includes: 300 seat auditorium,

70 seat multipurpose room, 5 classrooms, 2 study computer labs, and 2 chaplain's offices.

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Our Mission

Ministry program. One of the purposes of this corporation shall be to establish, develop and implement a ministry to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ within various correctional institutions and detention facilities.

Other Assistance. Other purposes of this corporation shall be to provide charitable, religious and educational assistance to persons associated with the criminal justice system, including correctional employees, inmates, parolees and probationers and their families and relatives. This corporation will also consider needs of the offended as well as those of the offender in the correctional institution.

Assist the Kansas Department of Corrections in purchasing necessary equipment and/or construction of necessary facilities for the purpose of conducting classroom settings, worship services, and religious studies.

Our Ministry Goal

In the Bible, Matthew 25 gives a mandate for Believers to "go into prison." But the "how to" varies from State to State.

It is our responsibility to train, equip and place Christian volunteers from various denominations in prison work.

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